The ‘What’

The Social Effect is the platform to showcase what social change can achieve in our daily lives through to the world we live in.

This is delivered through speakers and through events that enable mindset development and deeper connection with the community that surrounds us, through to engaging in social media in a way that can lift your own thought processes and support others to do the same.

Every single individual on the planet creates a ripple effect that stems from each action they make no matter how big or small.

Social change is a concept many of us may not even put that much though into how it has shaped our history and progression to where we are today.

Think about this for an example, no society has ever remained the same. Change is always happening everywhere around us. We accept change as inevitable, and social change is defined as changes in human interactions and relationships.

The fascinating thing is that these changes happen over a long period of time and have the potential to transform cultural and social institutions.

They can have profound impact on society, how we interact, what’s considered as acceptable through to creating opportunity for innovation and economic growth. 

Social change movements are our collective power to influence the way things are. 

While we accept that change is constant, we do not have to accept that we are powerless in its wake. It is the extent to which we care about the direction of social change that we can try to shape it and help to create the kind of "change we wish to see in the world."