Emma Gelling

Emma Gelling is a well known professional Hair and makeup artist in the Cairns region. After many years in the industry she decided to branch out and open her own salon Studio 78, which has become a successful boutique salon specialising in blondes and brides.

From a young age she realised that her life looked a little different to others her age, however it took her a long time to discover that these bumps in the road lead her to the powerful tool of resilience.

After becoming a mother at 19, she had to strive for bigger and better things for her son and stop at nothing to prove to society that age is just a number.

She now feels she has accomplished this and will continue to help build belief in others they can do the same, no matter the circumstance.
Hairdressing is her craft of choice however her deeper passion lies in her efforts to empower and encourage youth. She spends most of spare time speaking at workshops, small groups or even offering haircuts to the homeless youth on our streets to endeavour to make a change.
The transparency of this flows through there life as her and her husband have been registered fosters carer for 2years, sharing their home with children of all ages.

Over time her resilience has given her the ability to take on unforeseen opportunity, live life by taking calculated risk and feel completely abundant in the choices she makes.

Her success in business has been recognised through the CBWC Young Entrepreneur of the year 2017 and the Institute of Managers and Leaders Emerging Leader of the year 2017.

Emma believes Everyone has a purpose, No one needs permission and We can achieve great things together.

Recent Highlights

  • CBWC Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017
  • IML Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017